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2PlayerFireGames,com : About us and our policies

From this document, you will find out how 2PlayerFireGames collects, processes, and stores your personal data. We treat your information with attention and care, so be sure that using our website is safe.

What types of data do we gather?

  • Cookies

Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer when you interact with our site and leave any of your information here. For instance, when you enter your email address and login to leave a comment, the website saves this data. As such, when you will leave another comment, your information will be filled automatically. Cookies make your website usage more convenient. Such cookies are stored for a limited period of time – one year.

Cookies “remember” your login details and choices you made before. Login cookies are stored for a couple of days, but if you choose the “Remember Me” function, you will stay logged in for two weeks. When you leave the website, cookies are deleted from your computer or device.

Cookies don’t include any information that characterize you as an individual. They store technical data and make your interaction with 2PlayerFireGames more convenient. You can disable cookies in your browser in case you don’t want us to gather your data. Be aware that this will limit or remove some functions of the website.   

  • Comments

We track the comments visitors leave on our website to exclude any attempts of spam or unacceptable content. We also gather your IP data and use special spam detection services to check the media you would like to share before publishing it.

Media content

Please, make sure that you avoid uploading media content such as images and photos that include any of your personal data you would like to keep confidential. This is especially true for pictures that contain location data. Uploaded content becomes public and other visitors of the website can download any of your files. Take care of your safety and make sure that you don’t share any data if you don’t want it to be extracted by other people.

Links to other resources

Content on this website (media, graphical or textual) can include links to other resources. Make sure that you are familiar with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use these websites have before using them. Please mind that 2PlayerFireGames is not responsible for your action on other resources. Our Privacy and Cookies Policies can be different from the other websites.

Linked resources can use cookies, collect your personal and technical data, track your action, and monitor your behavior. Mind this when clicking the links located on this site.

How long do we store your information? 

When you register on our resource and provide your personal data, you are free to edit, view, and erase it at any time you feel so. The only parameter you cannot change is your username – it is created only once. The administrators of our website have the right to view and edit your data as well.  

What actions regarding your data are within your rights?

If you have created a personal account, uploaded files, or left comments on this website, you can send a request to our administration and ask for a report where all gathered and stored data is mentioned. As such, you will be aware of the information we have, including the details you have provided yourself.

We will delete your account, comments, media, and other data we hold per request. Keep in mind that we won’t erase the details we are responsible to keep. These details are connected with legal, security, and administrative purposes.

What are the third-parties that get access to your data?

We strive to keep your personal information in secret and don’t share it with any third parties. To check your comments before posting them, our admins use automatic software that detect spam and unacceptable content.

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